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Take a closer peek at the new Pico upgrade! You'll like what you see. Pico fits easily in your purse or pocket, and the integrated battery makes it easy to carry wherever you go. With Pico, you can read even in dimly lit areas. Pico is so small you will always want it with you-shopping for greeting cards, looking at price tags and reading on the go. Convenience is at your fingertips! Read bills, schedules, grocery lists, receipts, menus and more in bright colour, positive text (black on white), negative text (white on black) or yellow on blue modes.

Pico with TV connection

New improved camera with TV connection


Check out the new enhanced Olympia! This powerful portable magnifier gives you the power of a desktop video magnifier, with the freedom of a portable product. Olympia provides maximum flexibility and control-including a wide range of magnification settings, adjustable brightness, and a tilted screen to reduce glare. Enjoy hours of reading for work, school or pleasure on the built-in 7" display. You?ll want to keep the versatile Olympia with you at home or when travelling. Experience even greater magnification levels by connecting Olympia to any compatible TV monitor. And, we have included a writing stand so you can easily fill out forms, complete your homework, and write letters and checks.Innovative viewing features and flexible settings: Our wide screen view and tilted screen make it easier to read and write in a variety of circumstances. Choose colour, positive or negative text, or yellow on blue viewing mode and adjust brightness to meet your visual needs.

Aladdin Classic (Black and White)  amazing value

Awarded the "Gold Award" for its outstanding product design by the American Society on Aging, the Aladdin Classic has come to represent independence and the best value in the industry to thousands of users. The Classic is a black and white video magnifier designed for use by people who have visual impairments (including "legal blindness") which make it difficult or impossible for them to read ordinary printed materials.

Utilizing the easy-to-use picture control selector, the Classic can display your printed materials in high-contrast black text on a white background or white text on a black background. The white text on black or negative image is ideal for glare reduction. This system also features an extremely large depth of field for viewing three-dimensional objects and a smooth, non-glare reading table which permits reading heavy books.

4.5X to 25X

Black & White – 14" (35cm) diagonal with a 12.8" diagonal viewing area. 

Details of our Colour Cameras and Systems are below.

Aladdin Sunshine  (Colour)

The Aladdin Sunshine offers colour and auto focus in a one-piece video magnifier. This affordable desktop unit allows you to view photos, work on crafts and read books and magazines with the benefit of automatic focus. The Aladdin Sunshine’s ergonomic design makes it comfortable for you to balance your cheque book, examine prescription bottles, and do crossword puzzles.

Convenience is at your fingertips:
> Auto focus with manual override in a one-piece unit
> 14" full-colour monitor
> Easy-to-use contrast and magnification levers
> Incorporates the quality you expect from the Aladdin family of products

4.5X to 35X 

Colour - 14" (35cm) diagonal with a 13.3" diagonal viewing area.

Aladdin Rainbow Elite (Colour)

Enjoy reading and writing in rich, full colour with premium features at your fingertips. Easy-to-use controls and one-piece design make the Aladdin Rainbow Elite the ultimate solution for colour video magnification with auto focus.

With its simple and easy-to-use controls, the Aladdin Rainbow Elite brings back the pleasure of reading newspapers, books, magazines, and novels while restoring independence. View medicine bottles, balance a cheque book, or fill out forms in privacy.
Bright Negative Viewing Mode - White letters on a black background provides for maximum reading comfort concentrating the brightness of the text on a low-glare black background. 

Colour Select Mode - accommodates specific vision needs with yellow letters on a blue background, and green or amber letters on a black background. 

Two Full Colour Viewing Mode - reading mode offers high-quality colour contrast for easy viewing of materials with photos and text. Photo mode is a medium contrast setting ideal for viewing photos, illustrations or 3-dimensional objects in detail. 

Full Colour, 14" (35.6 cm),13.3" (33.8 cm) viewing area (diagonal) 

4.7X to 35X 

Aladdin Apex 17" Standard or

Apex 20" Standard

Part of the Aladdin one-piece desktop family, the Aladdin Apex incorporates an adjustable 17" or 20" flat panel monitor with the same colour and professional features you’ve come to rely on. Enjoy reading books and magazines, doing crossword puzzles and examining hard-to-see objects such as pill bottles - all with the ease of the Aladdin Apex’s adjustable flat panel screen. With the Apex you can raise or lower the screen, bringing the image to your eye level. Or slide the screen forward and tilt to enjoy a glare-free image at your optimum reading distance. Also, the monitor folds down providing easy storage. 

Reading is made easy with this full-featured, integrated flat panel system. The Apex features 24 colour select options, which offer high contrast. Line markers and shadow masking help track text. Additionally, continuous auto focus with manual override provides increased flexibility for your picture focus needs. 
17" Model: 3X to 48X
20" Model: 3.5 X to 56 X 

Colour, Flat Panel -17" (43.2 cm) or 20" (50.8 cm); Comparable to the viewable area of a 19" (48.3 cm) or 22" (55.9 cm) CRT monitor, respectively.

Apex Pro 17" or 20"

Part of the Aladdin one-piece family, the Aladdin Apex Pro incorporates an adjustable flat panel monitor but with the same unique professional features of Apex and Genie Pro you've come to rely on.
New: CROSS-ROOM VIEWING Apex Pro converts to a cross-room viewer perfect for classrooms!
The Aladdin Apex Pro combines a powerful magnifying viewer with your computer workstation. A split screen mode lets you view magnified materials and computer files simultaneously. Toggle between images using a button or optional foot pedal with either 17"or 20"flat panel LCD.

 Vertex and Vertex Pro visit for full details

Genie Pro

The Genie Pro can be used with most computer monitors or televisions to create a colour magnification system that best suits an individual’s unique viewing needs. Using advanced technology to support multiple computer resolutions and frequencies, the Genie Pro allows a user to simultaneously view the computer image and the video magnified image when attached to a compatible computer. This split screen mode helps create a work station environment allowing an individual with low vision to view magnified images while also reviewing information from their computer.

In addition to full colour, the Genie Pro displays your printed material in high-contrast black text on a white background and white text on a black background along with offering twenty-four background/foreground colour combinations to make viewing comfortable for each user. Additionally, the user can display vertical or horizontal line markers and shadow mask to help track text and reduce glare. This system also features an extremely large depth of field for viewing three-dimensional objects and a smooth, non-glare reading table which permits reading heavy books. 

Monitor not included - Genie can be used with SVGA and multi-sync monitors and S-video monitors. 

5.5X to 50X (on a 17" monitor)

Sensory Systems Product details

A small selection of Sensors used in our applications


Sensors that use energy harvesting, that are battery and wire free.

Below are Zwave devices


 Multi Sensor - Movement,Temperature, Humidity          Door / Window Switch    Energy Monitor

Smart Home solutions can be of great benefit to people in assisted living situations and their carers and supporters. Our solution can be deployed in residential blocks, or in individual dwellings where people are assisted at home.

A simple user interfaces provide those in assisted living with the tools to manage their home in an effective way and peace of mind for those assisting them. Understanding the particular needs of our users has led to design of easy and intuitive central controls.

Critically, our 100% robust and secure solutions provide carers and facility managers with essential information and assistance platforms at any time of day.

For a full range of sensors and equipment please email